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300 lbs Cuba, drunk as a skunk

240 lbs in Marshalls. Needing some clothes

Hello, Bonjour! My name is Julie Laplante, aka Hungry Julie. I grew up in Montréal, Canada where I learned to love food with my very French-Canadian family. I studied bakery and graduated from L'institut de tourisme et d'hotellerie du Québec before moving to the United States with my then boyfriend who became my husband in 2005. We've moved around quite a bit since then but hoping to move back to Vermont when the time is right.

My health problems due to my weight started from a very young age, my pediatrician at the time offered no help aside from saying that "The baby weight would go away on it's own." At 16 I was a hefty 200 lbs, depressed and stress eating. I tried a diet program with my great aunt, it was a semi low-carb diet with the same idea as Weight Watchers. Pay to weight in and listen to a lady pumping us with good word and advice. I liked it quite a bit and lost 15 lbs but it didn't last as I wandered off and college was soon coming in sight.

Fast Forward past my bread and pastries fueled college years, I ballooned at 300 lbs around 25 years old and depression was very much present. I couldn't go camping, I couldn't walk very far and never mind doing any hiking. I was pissed with myself. Around 28, my friend Alise dared me to try Atkins.


I started Atkins on a dare, I chuckled and said something around the likes of "Having a heart attack." But I did it anyway, I got a book and started Induction. 16 lbs in 2 weeks, I didn't know what to think. I was confused and happy but very much confused. I started googling about and discovered a sub-forum to Reddit called keto. Curiosity piked, I started reading everything I could on keto. Simply put, keto is Atkins induction but forever.

Low carbohydrate, high fat diet. Often feared because of the "fear of fat"that's been looming over the world of nutrition and medicine for a couple decades now but in more recent studies, the fat is slowly losing it's devils status.

Ketosis, what and why? Ketosis is a natural process that occurs within your body everyday, no matter how many carbohydrates you eat. Removing them from the equation allows to ramp up the process. Also for your body to use fat and protein for source of energy. One of the biggest misunderstanding is that carbs alone fuel your body, which is untrue.

I would like to point you to a couple links that might inform you on the ketogenic diet. Thank you for reading.

Keto in a nutshell

Frequently Asked Questions

Gary Taubes - Author of Why we get fat

The Diet Doctor - LCHF for beginners


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  2. Hi Julie, I've recently come to LCHF and I used to love a beer or three or four. Recently I've taken to having a glass of lime cordial and soda water with ice use as much or as little lime cordial as you like. It makes a very refreshing drink and curbs any Beer Cravings.