Thursday, July 26, 2018

Food on the Go!

Not that kind of chicken on the go! I rescued this gal and her two sisters, they are now laying eggs for me.

Disclaimer: I am not paid or rewarded in any way for this post, these are personal experiences only. Also, I firmly believe that chains will be the death of us and small business and local restaurants are the way to go but life happens, it gets in the way, we have to be kind to ourselves.

I work a lot, I'm not home as often as I used to be and sometimes lunches ends up rotting in the fridge at work. I love my crappy fast food. Wendy's, McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Dunkin' Donuts. I won't include 5 Guys because it's already a step up without the drive-tru. Too quick and easy to order 1000 calories in one go, the vegetarians have paved the way for others to modify their meals to meet their needs without too many grumbling or eye rolling from the underpaid employees.

Right away our biggest foe is the bun, then the fries. The main meal is always meat wrapped in bread, asking for a burger without a bun would have been unthinkable a few years ago, not without the double take and confirmation of the drive-thru attendant. An awkward situation, we ordered the burger and tossed the bun, which stuck to the cheese and meat.  Now a days, they have these pretty plastic and crisp containers (Not recyclable enough!) that holds out meals. As for the sides, fries have come a long way, now they offer chili, salads, baked potatoes and then some, our choices are limited but no longer abysmal. Finally the drinks, diet soda, unsweetened ice tea or coffee now also expends our horizons.

With a wind of corporate mistrust, many rumors have cropped up about fast food beef, ranging from claiming worms were used as filler or came from companies called "100% beef" to sneak it right under our noses.. I want to believe that it's not true, we're talking 100% beef, no preservatives, no fillers and there's zero reasons to believe otherwise.

My adventures in ordering fast food have come a long way from my weekly Montreal-Bellows Falls trip when visiting hubby, leaving a wasteland of Chinese food buffets in our fray (Looking at you, China Moon in White River JCT) or trying out the entire menu at Wendy's in one trip to Virginia.

Now a days, I'm far more conscious of what I order and what I CAN order, which led me to falling in love with the McDonald's app to order. You can pull out your phone and customize any order right from that mini computer without feeling any judgement or confusion from the employees and not only that, you can eat for very cheap from the daily specials.  Burgers minus the bun/ketchup/onions and extra bacon/cheese/egg/lettuce or breakfast on the run with extra eggs and sausage, I love it. Also to top it off, the website has a nutrition calculator that you can also customize and you know exactly what you're eating.
The Meat Monster!

Personalized Order on the go!

Baconator with no bun at Wendy's
There's also the food kiosks that comes to our advantage as well. Fast food marketing realized that people ordered more when they didn't have to spell it out to a cashier so yes please on making that a 4 burger patties and cheese monster.

I still have issues at Wendy's with ordering a burger with no buns but when I manage, they have these perfect little boxes and side salads (which are seriously fresh and crisp) but beware any kind of mayonnaise which has lots of corn syrup in it.

At Dunkin' Donuts it was surprisingly easy to order an "Egg, sausage and cheese" with no bread, silence on the speaker till she said "Do you want two eggs so you can eat it like a sandwich?" Why.. YES!

As far as the guilt goes? I have close to none, I need to eat, I'm human and eating LCHF doesn't mean I have to starve while on the road. While I love cooking, life comes at you with responsibilities and chores that chips away at those measly 24 hours, so when our choices are limited, at least we can try picking the lesser of two evils.

Remember to keep calm and keto on!

Hungry Julie


  1. You do exactly the same as me!
    Better for me to get burgers without buns at a fast food place than go without and do something stupid like eat a bowl of cereal when I get home.

    1. And anyone who tries to guilt you for it should take a good long hard look at their own lives (and mind their own business haha) I've been known for devouring boxes of cereals on hunger madness, it's not worth it!