Monday, March 14, 2016

Et Merde!

Hello there fellow ketopians, ketards, keto-ninja, friends, family and everyone else! Have you forgotten about me?

It's been a real struggle to kick start keto again and again but I keep trying. The first time I started it back in 2012, I was 10 months hardcore and lost 70 lbs, I was soaring and happy and I fell into the feeling that I could maintain it forever, which I did but forever actually came down to a year and a half when I came to realize that I was in deep trouble and struggling and regaining. I had stashed the scale away and closed my eyes each time I passed a mirror. Camera in hand, nobody took MY picture and I was sure to take really good selfies and when my pants didn't fit anymore, they would magically vanish, never to be seen again.

Well came the point where I ran out of pants. Literally. I had bags and bags of fat clothes still sitting around and I went 'uh oh' when I didn't fit in size 22s (As a frame of reference, at my biggest I was in a 26 and down to an 18 on my skinniest). The truth was clear, I had regained 40 lbs of my 70lbs loss, as I sit here I'm once more wobbling at 288lbs.

Kind people need to stop saying "How good I look" because I don't. I look tired, I'm waddling, I burst out of my clothes and quite frankly, I look like crap! I turned 32 a week ago and I look like a swamp hag.

Starting keto isn't the problem, I know what I need to do, I know what I need to buy and eat and how much. The science has been made, the mental change has been done. I understand how it works, I've been enlightened and awakened but WHY can I not stick to it? There's a few factors to blame such as my complete and utter destruction of my sleep pattern by my video game addiction, the fact that I worked myself to the raw bone last year and am still recuperating from my 14-20 days 'week' (I worked 14-20 days in a row before a day off and would start over again.), I stopped going to the gym (there was simply no TIME, energy or will.) and also how I destroyed my shoulder and back by being 1- overweight 2- working too much. I abused myself and now I'm paying for it twice over.

My plan is to start with the DIET, as I sit here I am 19 hours into my 26 hours fast to kick start the ketosis and making a grocery list along with my meal plan.  

Secondly, SLEEP I'm giving up my Neverwinter's Nights addiction minus one night a week for planned events (don't worry, it makes sense to me) and going to bed at 11PM every nights. Obesity is directly linked with insomnia and many people forgo such a factor while dieting.

My third and biggest issue is my WILL POWER, going out, ordering take outs, drive thru for lunches. No more. We just bought a house and our finances are going to be strapped enough as it is. My answer is easy on paper but leaving my wallet home will probably make it a bit easy to follow through!

I'm inviting you to follow 2 Keto Dudes on their amazing and super interesting Podcast, I've been happily listening to them all day to keep me from thinking about food (It's not working but thanks for the recipes!)

Drink your water, eat your fats and keto on, right? Okay, let's do it.

Hungry Julie


  1. You can do it, Julie! You have been an inspiration to many. Keep getting on the wagon!

    1. Thank you Michael, it's a real treat to read that :)