Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vicious Circles

This is Franky, he's my new buddy!

Taking a bit of a break from posting a recipe to have a frank talk with you guys about vicious circles. I've always been a very direct person, anyone who knows me can agree. Recently, husband and I were arguing about the same things that we usually do, money, spending, the future. Crazy right? We both want the same thing but have different ideas on how to get there. My husband commented on how "We've had this argument before and it's going in circles." All I could answer was "Maybe it's time to go forward then!"

And so we started looking for a house, squee! As you can tell I'm super excited at this prospect but in return it means I have to start being more careful about our spending, one of the biggest culprit being how much money I spend on food every week. Needing ONE MORE THING at the grocery store meant leaving with $50's worth and a week later, cleaning out the fridge of the massive amount of uneaten leftovers. So I decided to start working on portion controls, to my husband's greatest sadness.

I started with corned beef, we love the stuff and since it's on sale around this time of the year, I usually buy 3-4 of them at $2.89/lb, and big ones too so we can munch on it even after dinner. That was my first eye opener, our weight loss has stalled and we both moan about portion control... and the lack there of. So I bought 3 packages of corned beef of 2 lb each, no more. Perfect portion with a side of bacon Brussels sprouts. No chance of over eating and no wasting.

Making real changes will help you break the vicious circles. This applies to everything in your life that's toxic. Weather it is a bad habit like smoking or overeating, there's no easy way out of it. When a company announces "lose 15 lbs in 2 weeks while eating what you love." take a moment and consider this snake-oil offer. Do your own research, the science behind it must be bulletproof. Be proud of your change and stick to it.

While we're at it, I came across an article that talked about how we're being cheated by chicken packaging. Curious, I did the same test with my Stop and Shop chicken and was horrified! Chicken, package and tampon weight less than the sticker said. While I rarely buy chicken there, it mystifies me that companies gets away with it. I usually go to my local butcher that has no packaging when weighting the meat.

We'll get there! If I can, so can you.
Hungry Julie, house hunter


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    1. Hey there Michael, I'll be happy to check out your site, so glad to know people ARE reading. haha

  2. Super glad I found this blog! Your food looks great. Can't wait to start trying recipes -- I'll let you know how some turn out. :) Good luck house hunting!