Monday, February 17, 2014

Down and Up!

Hello fellow food lovers!

I don't know whether I have a low threshold for pain or the sheer frustration got to me but when I took a massive fall last week-end, all I felt like doing all week was sit here with an ice pack and ignore the world. Scrapped both my knees like a toddler and taught a few new swearwords to the people in earshot. Also I think I might have caused a mini-tsunami somewhere down south.

We ate quick and easy all week because of it, then come the week-end and V-Day, all my plans went overboard... so we got pizza from Toti's. Best pizza ever! My only comment on that sidestep outside LCHF is that if you're going to eat something, make it the best you can. Don't settle for mawing a Whopper or some KFC . Not only do you owe yourself the best, you'll feel less guilty about it later.

Moving on, I still owed you a second foray into Japanese cuisine and after my fall, I made the dishes I had in mind and ruined it by being a giant pain in the ass to my husband. But today it all changes and while I sit here with a "borrowed pug" on my lap, I decided that we were going to explore low-carb sushi. Even if my preference goes toward sashimi when we go out, there's a couple rolls that are just phenomenal. Ask any Japanese native and they'll tell you that even they go out to get sushi, making sushi at home is a bit ridiculous since unless you fish the fish yourself, you're liable to get everyone sick. My husband loved making fake crab n cream cheese sushi when I met him so I decided I would mimic that train of thoughts. My ingredient list include: cauliflower, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, carrots, smoked salmon, shrimps, canned crab (real) and tuna (cooked), mayo, rooster sauce, seaweed leaves (nori), wasabi and pickled ginger.

For the techniques I will refer you to this beautiful website which offers a breakdown of how-to and traditional recipes. For the low-carb rice, I tried a couple different techniques, since we're using cauliflower rice, it's not sticky at all so I found online that people were using cream cheese, mayo or oil to hold it together. The oil was really my favorite choice, a bit of rice vinegar and olive oil really did the trick.

Here are the pictures of my experience, would I do it again? Maybe for fun and giggles but it made a massive mess and it was more funny than appetizing. Like my Japanese friend said, we'll go out for sushi next time the cravings hits. Instead of traditional roll, we ended up making hand-rolls with whatever ingredients I had out. My husband's favorite was spicy tuna and mine was shrimps, rooster sauce and avocado. Booyah! Click on the pictures to make them bigger!

First attempt was inside-out spicy tuna. What a mess! The rice was too watery to stick outside.

California roll held out pretty good but I had to use a lot. It was actually pretty tasty.

What a mess I made! Ingredients everywhere, Chef Fumi has nothing to worry about me replacing him

YES! Finally something I can eat without making a mess, hand rolls were a hit. Now THAT I would do 

We pretty much made hand rolls with whatever we wanted toward the end.

Literally everything we wanted.

I hope you liked the sushi journal. The low-carb diet offers a limited selection of cuisine to choose from but with a bit of effort and originality, we can accomplish anything and everything. The essence of eating at the core is to enjoy and pleasure one-self through the means of food, as long as you have that, you will know bliss.

Your friend!
Hungry Julie

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