Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Think Ahead


"It's hard not to eat carbs" is a phrase I often hear from friends, relatives, chat room visitors etc. And I agree with them: it IS hard. How easy is it to reach for a bowl of cereals or a granola bar when hunger strikes. We're not exactly conditioned to reach for a steak or cucumber slices. My last post was about having a backup plan and I stand firmly by it. While breakfast is a given and lunch is often dinner's leftovers, dinner can easily fall into a boring routine. I try to make a weekly meal plan every Sunday, Monday being my usual grocery day. I suggest you try doing the same, to have a ballpark idea of what you'll be needing in ingredients so you don't end up chasing down cilantro between picking up the kids and making dinner.

Try your local fish market, see if they'll steam lobsters for you. Pick them up on the way home and dinner is just about ready to serve. at $5,95/lbs they were really worth it this week. Same goes for any 24h marinade, make it the night ahead so all you have left to do it throw it in the oven when you get home. Too often I gave up on a good recipe because I didn't have time to marinate it on the spot.
Ta-daa dinner's done

While I was making my kebabs, I thought to myself, “Wow I should have done these last night”. While my Brussels sprouts were already done, I was barely finished skewering my meat. UGH! Live and learn. But this technique is super easy when you're doing indoor cooking like me, the meat comes out great. Can be done with any mixture of vegetables and beasts, even shrimps or scallops.

Oven “Grilled” Beef Kebabs
Makes 10 kebabs (4 piece of meat per stick)
Prep time 15 minutes + marinade
Cook time 15-20 minutes

2 lbs beef stew cut in 1'' squares
1 big Vidalia onion, cut in 8 slices
1 red pepper, cut in big squares
1 green pepper, cut in big squares
5 baby Portobella, washed and stem removed
1/3 cup olive oil (more or less)
salt and pepper
Skewers (if wood, soak them in water first)

Place the meat in a plastic bag or bowl and toss with enough oil to coat, salt and pepper.
Let sit for an hour at least, up to 24h in the fridge.
Oven at 400F
When you're ready to make the kebabs, toss the vegetables with oil and salt and pepper.
Skewer the meat and vegetables as you wish.
Place the skewers on a Pyrex dish so that they hang on the edges and the meat is free flowing.
Cook for 15-20 minutes, enjoy!
"Floating Meat" technique

Disclamer: While low-carb, the following recipe does not fall into keto territory because of the high sugar content. While I suggest you try it without the mirin entirely (sweet rice wine) the recipe is not the same without the sugar caramelizing the sprouts. Perfect for low-carb lifestyle, in moderation.

Brussels Sprouts a la Christopher
(according to him but I stole the recipe from Momofuku)

Serves 4 people
Ready in 10 minutes

12 oz of Brussels sprouts, ends trimmed, cut in half
3 slices of bacon
1/2 onion
2 tbps of Ari-Mirin mixed with 2 tbsp of water (1/4 cup total)

Cook the bacon in a large skillet, leave the fat in the pan.
Mince the bacon and fry the onions gently in the bacon fat.
Place the Brussels sprouts face down into the pan on medium-high heat until they char.
Add the liquid and stir everything swiftly for a few seconds. Allow the liquid to evaporate.
Add the bacon back, serve warm and enjoy.

 Net Carbs
Per Serving:

Kebabs and Brussels Sprouts

Breath in, Breath out.
Also, I apologize if the blog seems a bit wonky lately. Blogger is giving me a hard time.

Hungry Julie


  1. love the idea of placing the skewers on a pyrex dish! Thanks for the idea and for sharing! keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the recipe. I am 9 months pregnant so the idea of grilling is a horror story. I loved the floating meat technique you did. I broiled though instead of baking.It was delicious and fun. It was a meal everyone in the family could enjoy because I made some with just meat.