Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Spice Rack

Guess who got a tripod for her camera? 

Hello my name is Julie and I have an addiction.

I love spices! I buy them, I mix them, I experiment. I have so many spices that I don't know where to put them anymore. I also have bottles of spices that I have no idea what are in them because I was a loon and didn't label them. Anyway, there is nothing shameful about having a lot of spices but the shame is in not using them enough. Cooking low-carb often involves taking a piece of meat and making it into something. Between slow-cooking in some kind of broth, grilling or baking, it can easily become a vicious circle of salt-pepper-rosemary-thyme , which I can be terribly guilty of.

Mind you! There is nothing wrong with salt-pepper-rosemary-thyme! Nothing at all, one of my favorite combination but there's basil-red pepper flakes-sage-paprika to think of as well! All that to say, try different things, maybe you bought allspice around xmas and only needed ¼ tbsp, use it! I throw a bit of nutmeg into my creamed spinach because it's absolutely delicious.

As you might notice there is now a new page above, audaciously named “The Spice Rack”. It will contain various spice mixtures, some more traditional, because I simply refuse to buy mixed spices such as blackening or Old Bay, and some home made because I like to experiment.

Tonight I made blackened shark steaks and turnip fries. The fries were amazing but then I had a sad when I realized turnips had more carbs than carrots. We ate them anyway and promised to never talk about it again but dear lord were they good. Used the deep fryer and the magic happened.
$4.99/lb, shark is everything I wish swordfish was.

Rub a bit of olive oil and the blackened spice, allow to rest a few minutes

At 350F for 25 minutes with some soft and sweet turnip fries, no one can go wrong.

Visit the new page and I hope you'll find something you like. More will come as I get down to spice business!

As always, your hopeful muse,
Hungry Julie  


  1. OMG this sounds amazing! Shark meat is so good. Down in Galveston where I used to live, the whitest part of the flesh was (I was told by a shark fisherman) often carved in to "scallops" and restaurants would sell plates of it as SCALLOPS. The meat was very good, but not quite as sweet as real scallops. I'm pretty sure I was served the fake "scallops" more than once down there, but just didn't care because it still tasted so good. :) I look forwardt o try your recipe!

    1. Shark is often replaced for swordfish in restaurant, so much cheaper and the texture is relatively the same. I could see it as being served as fake-scallops.