Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Camping in Lake Placid


Each year it is my pleasure to find a place and go there. I grew up camping with my family, you can say it is a tradition. My mom likes to say that I was “conceived” at the bottom of a canoe. I don't know what to make of it but my hat off to her sense of balance. This year we chose the state of New York and it's great Adirondack mountains. Lake Placid, why? Well why not. Home of the 1982 Olympics and Whiteface Mountain. My father and his lovely wife decided to join us in our search of mother nature and camped out with us. Now I have something to say about New York state parks: THEY SUCK. Worst state park I've ever been to. But I digress, it was not THAT bad. But for a state park, we'll try again. Aside from the constant traffic on the road next to our tent, the place was clean, well kept and qui-.. quiet-ish.
Couple finds as far as food is concerned, the House of Jerky (free shipping!) in Lake Placid was something to see. After a couple of jabs with the vendor, he tells us in tones of confidence, that we should come back on extinction day, they sell koala, baby seals and white tiger jerky on those days. Many laughs were had and we left with $60 of jerky in various flavors such as beef, spicy beef, boar, kangaroo, deer, alligator and bison. It was good, worth the money? Oh yes!

Cheese! We found Asgaard Farm and Dairy. They provided us with as much goat cheese as we could stuff our faces with, delicious farm fresh eggs and goat milk soap! I loved that place, it was really lovely. A shame I couldn't try those caramel but next time maybe. The cheese was voluptuous, we really loved it. A bit hard to find in the local grocery store, which is a shame. Local, Local, Local!

The Great Adirondack steak and seafood! Now.. seafood in a landlocked state is not my cup of tea so we had dubious doubts when we walked in. But the steak! OH! And the prime rib! AH! And the bison! OOHH! Needn't I say more? The prime rib was simply amazing and the steak was glorious. No I needn’t say more... Oh yes, did I mention that they brew their own beer? CHEERS!
It was interesting to cook without any carbs, while camping it is surely easier to pop open a box of mac n cheese or some oatmeal in the morning but we stayed strong and eggs and bacon it was. We didn't exactly suffered, eating steak, ribs and lobster tails.
Look what they made us eat!
Yes that's butter, a whole pound of it and 3 heads of garlic.

The Hungry Julie

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