Wednesday, June 13, 2012


312 lbs, Cuba 2-12
A month ago, my good friend and co-worker, Alise, challenged me to Atkins. I had given up, to be honest with you. I was ballooning ( I hate that expression) at 312 lbs, classifying me as “Morbidly Obese”. Charming. But yes I know, you “know someone fatter than me”, I know I “carry it well”, yes yes, I “don't look it”. All the excuses and none of the guilt. I am Fat.

So, Atkins. I had heard of it, seen my father eat a dozen eggs and a pound of bacon for breakfast, Alise swore by it etc. But the ugly truth was that all of my 28 years on this planet, I was told that fat was bad. The unholy pyramid of the four food groups looming above my head like God's Word given to mortals. At first I said no, and then I thought, what do I have to lose? Only half my body mass! Well Dang! Why not.

Now, let's re-cap, Julie, Born French-Canadian, guzzling maple syrup at my mother's tit and 3 years of baking college under my belt. I. Love. Food. I love carbs, I love meat, I love cheese, I love it all. I worship at the altar of food and the joy and happiness it brings me and I love to feed people. To feed is to love, is my family's motto. Where did I go wrong?

So I began to read about Atkins, firstly online. Now the actual Atkins company went bankrupt after the death (controversial) of the doctor Atkins, only saving themselves with the sale of their Low-Carb bars, snacks, shakes etc. The Website promotes their products, their food journal is hardly user friendly but the community forum was, intriguing.

I bought a book, read it. The science behind the diet itself, is amazing. By ridding your body of sugar and carbs, you force it to use the stored fat to create energy, ergo, losing weight. For more science: Keto In a NutShell

The Atkins itself is very liberal and I sought something a bit more strict, yet feasible. I then came across “Keto”, ketosis is the magic word in this plan that promotes restricted carbs, yet that can be personalized to your needs and level of activity. I don't think I've eaten so WELL in months, meat, vegetables, cheese and yet, after two sugarless weeks, I stopped craving it. Me! I didn't care for sugar or even bread, didn't even think of it! More-so even, I was not hungry every two minutes. Here's Julie, thinking she knows everything and BAM, I turn into a babbling fool when presented with the possibility of actually losing weight. 
291 lbs
So here I am, 5 weeks later, 21 lbs lighter and counting. My clothes fit again, I have tons of energy and by Jove, I don't fart as much! ( Oh My!!!) Can I keep going? Yes I can. Will I keep going? Yes I will!

If you seek out more information on Keto, check here on /r/keto FAQ 

I will be re-working the list of archived recipes with nutritional information and the high-carbs will be stored somewhere far away, but still available! Because cake is still awesome, but I've had too much already.

With much Love,
The Hungry Julie

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