Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Food Memories

Do you remember?

I often speak how certain dish brings back memories, or good stories around food. My relation with food is linked to those pleasurable and memorable moments in my life. The fondue nights where we had to kiss each other if we dropped a piece of bread in the cheese, my dad's seafood crepes on Christmas eve, my mom's banana bread and sour milk cookies that I would frost religiously. My grand-mother's crystal olive tray that no one would touch but every new year morning, there it would be, filled with nasty olives and mini pickles, by tradition.

In 9 years, Chris and I have build our own traditions and memorable moments of food. The famous “garlic roast” story, on how a vengeful wife turned her garlic hating husband into a garlic lover. Chris's mom's infamous “creamy scallops”, and my grand-mother feeding roast grease on a cracker to Chris (yuck!). But it's all there, memories, good time, love of a family.

It all starts out with me wanting to cook something and Chris bringing up the fact that XYZ, he doesn't like it. Stuffed peppers, who doesn't like stuffed peppers? Heck! He won't even touch Sheppard’s pie. But, no more! I made stuffed peppers last night and he -loved- them. I'm always so proud to break him out of his nasty stubbornness. Now, these are not your mother's stuffed peppers, far from it. My mom's would use red peppers, which was pretty awesome, the filling was always pretty amazing too, rice and tomatoes and some beef. Can't recall if she used cheese, I'll call her next time to see what she did.

Stop and Shop has these bags of tiny green peppers for $3, they were perfect for the task and made a wonderful meal, low carb and delicious.
my preciouuss

Stuffed Green Peppers a la Julie
serving size: 4

4 tiny green bell peppers, or 2 large
¾ lbs of lean ground beef
½ Cup of Simply Enjoy basil tomato sauce
4 oz of goat cheese
2 oz of minced linguisa 
½ Cup of Parmesan
1 egg
1 tbsp of Italian Seasonings
salt n pepper

Oven to 350F.
Mix all your ingredients together, save for the bell pepper and the goat cheese.
Spoon the mixture inside the peppers, top with the goat cheese.
Throw a bit of extra sauce at the bottom of your oven safe dish. (to avoid burning the peppers)
Bake the peppers for 45-50 minutes.

Per Serving (1 small pepper): calories:296 Carbs:6 Fat:17 Protein: 29 Fiber:2 Sugar:3  Net Carbs:4

Who needs rice anyway, enjoy!
Your friendly neighbor
Hungry Julie

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