Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pizza Pie!

Maamine says.. put the delivery menu down!
Ah the simple things in life, our daily spice. Think of the things we do each day, they appear so insignificant but they mean everything. A thread in a tapestry; what would coffee be without sugar, pretty bitter I would say. Do I feel poetic? Why yes! Spring Solstice is today! Snow is long gone, birds are coming back and the air is filled with odors of dirt and wet grass, I'm pretty excited.
Chris at work
By times I get the “season changing blues”, I love Winter but not as much as I love Spring or Fall, Summer coming dead last, I hate humidity but I couldn't live without those wonderful vegetables, Four Town Far is not going to open till May: sadness! I don't know if I'll get a garden this year, I just don't have a decent spot to do it, unless I get off my behind and see if the local church has free plots. I'll look into it soon. Anyhow, I promised myself to write at least 2 blog entry every week, it is a goal!
Yes, that is an egg
Back to the simple things, I was “accused” of being a complicated eater, always taking recipes and making them complicated and different ( Le Gasp!). But I love different! I hate routine and as a result, I rarely make the same recipe twice because I don't always remember “how” I arrived to such results (eh!), Chris could die to watch me sprinkle a little this and that without following recipes. But by all means, I can DO simple, I just choose not to very often. Heck we had burgers last night! And tonight we made pizza, I LOVE home-made pizza, people who pop a frozen disk in the oven should be shot where they stand. Please! For $1,50 you can have a whole ball of dough from the deli counter and roll yourself out a perfectly lovely pizza, stacked with your favorite toppings or leftovers. 
Locally called "Big Mike'ing it"
I'm an Hawaiian lover myself, which I recently discovered was invented by Canadians restaurant owners, somewhere in Ontario someone thought ham and pineapple would be a good combination and they were right! Sometimes I'll add sweet banana pepper rings to add a bite, mhmmm! Chris is a meat lover and tops his pizza with Sweet baby Ray BBQ sauce, chicken and bacon, what's not to like? Make yourself happy and put the phone down and make your own pizza, if you feel like making your own dough, follow Jamie Oliver's recipe, it's lovely (as he would say!)

Nom.. nom nom... nom

~Hungry Julie

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