Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Whatever!!

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! God Yul! Happy Hanukkah! Joyful Ramadan! Happy Kwanzaa! And for the atheists, have a good day! And the nay-sayers, be so kind as to bite me in the ass. The frustration around the politically correctness of the holiday season is amounting to a big nothing. I wished everyone a merry Christmas this year and not one gave me a dirty look, I would seriously dare them too. It comes from the bottom of my heart, accept it! It's not like I'm trying to wipe a booger on your shirt. Take my wish and do what you want with it! Seriously! People are panicking for nothing, Jesus was born in spring anyway.

Every year, it comes as it is, red green and white, either in Quebec or in the USA, it's always a different set of challenges and interesting situations. I have a very odd family, either side of the border and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I'm going to go spend a whole being being tugged left and right for my loved ones's attention, no rest for the wicked as they say, but I take their love as it comes and cherish it dearly.

I have to say that I did not make my cookie box this year because of lack in fundings, rent came at a weird time and I looked at my munies and said, hmm, no cookies this year! Well maybe I could have done it fine but I decided that I wanted to spoil my nephews rotten and that's what I'm gonna do! Weee! But none the less I threw a Christmas brunch together for my neighbors and made potato candy, life is good. Then I spoke to my mom on the phone: “Potato candy? I hope you are bringing it over!”

Oh jeeze, fine! So since none of you will get to try it this year, I will indulge in giving you a recipe for this teeth-melting treat that always has a spot at my mom's table at Noel.

Old-fashioned Potato Candy

ONE small potato (yes, 1, uno, one, un), peeled, cubed and boiled
2 lbs of confectioner sugar
1 jar of peanut butter
  • Use your mixer or a wooden spoon and mash the potato with your first pound of sugar, mix it all up until it turns to a white goo.
  • Slowly start adding the second pound of sugar, you won't need all of it! Depending on the size of your potato. You want to reach a dough-like texture, not too liquid or too dry, easy to manipulate.
  • Sprinkle confectioner sugar on your work surface and roll out the dough very thin ( I cut the dough in half to do this, much easier)
  • Spread a thin amount of peanut butter (or Nutella!) all over the dough.

  • Roll like a jelly-roll. Then cut the roll in equal parts.
  • Line on a tray with powdered sugar and wrap in saran-wrap, stick in the fridge.

When they have hardened properly, you can place them in tins and gift to people you love (avoid giving it to your dentist!)

And by all means, have a great time with your loved ones!
~Hungry Julie

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