Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Busy bee!

3 years in the making
7 weeks away from Christmas! I can't say that I motivate easily but the Holidays have this special effect on me. Between making jelly and knitting, I've been teaching myself to crochet and since everyone seems to be popping babies, I've also banged up 2 baby quilt in the past week. Oof! I don't know how my hands will handle it but we'll see if I have fingers left after New Year. I usually start my projects too late and they end up half finished in my drawers. I seriously wish I had a sewing room, the truth is, we're outgrowing our apartment. The landlord came in to get the AC unit out of the window and he was all wide-eyes over the piles of books on the floor and in mailing boxes. Poker face~ I came this close from saying “yeah we need a new place!” but I somehow managed to articulate “I need a new bookcase, teehee”

My computer is nudged between the leaning bookcase of Ikea and a pile of yarn, crochet and needles. The sewing machine takes turns between the bathroom closet and the kitchen table. HELP! Also as I've said before, my kitchen is slowly taking over the rest of the house. I have baking supplies in another bookcase in the living room, sharing space with tools and more books and Chris' collection of Mr.Potatoheads. If you see a Hoarder episode featuring nerds, it might be us. I swear sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't be happier in the woods with whatever I could carry on my back. But anyway!

Winnie the Pooh Hat..according to Chris
My head is buzzing with plans and ideas. I proudly finally finished this cross-stitch nightmare, only took me 3 years on and off, advice to beginners, start with SMALL projects. And hopefully no patterns will go on sale at Joann's fabrics so I won't be tempted, I love cross-stitch but it's a HUGE time eater. Crocheting has quicker results and keeps you motivated. Same goes for quilting, with sacrificing my back to it, I can bang a baby quilt in an evening. I'll post pictures of my most recent one when it has been given away... But it's so cute, I'm always lost at sea when it comes to baby boys but I managed to make something pretty awesome this time, if I may toot my own horn. TOOT! The ladies at Lorraine's fabric are super nice, they leave me completely alone until I need something they are ready and able, can't beat $1.99 a yard on everything on the second floor. I like to add a bit of texture to baby blankets but I will -never- sew with stretchy again UGH! I had found this cute pajama like fabric and it stretched too much in the back and when I thought I was finished, the whole back was crocked. I managed to somewhat fix it but no sir-eee.

You guys will love this recipe, I made it on Halloween night. So easy and delicious, you can't ask for better. Try it and tell me what you think, it would go well with whole chicken breasts too.

Ruby Red Pork Tenderloin

½ bag of fresh cranberries
½ jar of fresh cherry preserves (Bonne Maman)
½ C orange juice
1 pork tenderloin

(sounds pretty easy, ya? It is!)

Turn the oven at 350F. Toss the cranberries and the orange juice in a deep pan and heat them up gently until the cranberries soften up. Add the pork tenderloin snuggly in the berries, add the cherries on top and throw it all in the oven until done, around 45 minutes but use a thermometer just in case. Take the loin out and cook the fruits over med-high until the liquid evaporates a little. Slice the pork and serve with the fruits. Also make some sweet mash potatoes, divine.

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