Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Boeuf Bourguignon!!

I've been a little lazy and a little sick the past few weeks but now I feel pretty awesome and energetic. Chris has had some pretty awesome suggestions for cooking, sometimes I feel a little uninterested but I can always count on him to cheer me up. Beef Bourguignon he demanded! And so he received, tonight he even asked for homemade potato chips, which I had never made. I only had sweet potatoes, it was.. interesting? I'll be trying again with regular white potatoes, sometimes soon. They fried up really well but they turned mushy very very quickly. Sadness! 
Deceivingly mushy after 5 minutes
According to Wikipedia : "Beef bourguignon is one of many examples of peasant dishes being slowly refined into haute cuisine. Most likely, the particular method of slowly simmering the beef in wine originated as a means of tenderizing cuts of meat that would have been too tough to cook any other way.

Over time, the dish became a standard of French cuisine. The recipe most people still follow to make an authentic beef bourguignon was first codified by August Escoffier. That recipe, however, has undergone subtle changes, owing to changes in cooking equipment and available food supplies."
Don't crowd the meat!
So basically, a poor man's meal turned into noble's food, isn't that how lobster started out? Fantastic! 2lbs of cubed beef is so cheap, who said being poor meant eating mac n cheese?!  A bottle of table wine and a box of beef broth et voila. I added some potatoes and carrots to give it volume and served with egg noodles. A happy meal for Julie and Chris.
So I sit here and think of all the times I've had beef bourguignon, some pretty memorable! One year my dad used sugar instead of salt and made it un-edible, and another I decided to make it for my American family and having never made it myself, I ended up in front of the stove half the day with a untested recipe, what a mess, but it was amazingly good. 
Be Prepared, like a girl scout!

Make it today and start the memories! 

Bœuf Bourguignon 
4 hours of cooking, 20 minutes of prep

2-3 lbs beef stew
1/2 cup of flour + 1 tbsp of salt and 1 tbsp of pepper
3 tbsp of olive oil
4 cups of beef stock
2 cups of red wine
5 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp of rosemary
1 bunch of fresh thyme
4 bay leaves
1 onion thickly sliced
1 cup of carrots, diced
1 cup of potatoes, diced
1 cup of mushrooms, thick slices
2 tbsp of flour

- Heat up the oil in a deep pot and turn the oven at 250F.
- Dab the beef at high heat with a paper towel and roll in the flour mixture until well coated.
- Sear the beef cubes, do not crowd the pan, do it in a couple of batch if needed.
- Add a bit of oil and cook the onion until tender.
- Add all the beef back into the pot and pour in the wine and broth along with the spices and garlic. 
- Cover and place the pot in the oven for 3 hours, untouched.
- Place the vegetables in the pot, cover and cook for another 45 minutes then place the pot on the stove.
- Remove all the solids from the pot, vegetables and meat, leave the liquids in.
- Take a laddle full of liquid and make a slurry with the flour, add it back to the pot, bring to a boil and whisk energetically until thickened.
- Add the meat and veggie back, enjoy! 

Egg noodles and garlic bread make an amazing meal with all of it.

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