Monday, June 20, 2011

Mon pere c'est le plus fort

The Man who made me, Gilles Laplante
Father's day
Have you called your dad lately? I bet the answer is yes but my dad is just out of this world when it comes to communicating. He calls me day and night just to talk, and even when the conversations start again about my move to another country, I know he loves me. If we go days without talking, you betcha I'll be getting a 6am phone call asking if I'm dead. “Why yes, yes am I, now can I go back to sleep?” If you ask me about I'll probably mumble a grumpy answer but deep down I really am sad to be living so far away, every 6 months or so Chris and I will have a massive argument about our living arrangements, which is probably the only thing we really argue about. I moved here right out of College, I needed to “get out” as most people do but now I'm ready to “go back” and it's just not feasible right now, we both work, have bills etc. Eh, someday maybe, I'd be ready to settle for Vermont, close to my family and a beautiful area, Rhode Island might be the Ocean State but it's not very glamorous when you have to wade through massive traffic to see a beach from June to September.
He's a man who laughs

He takes pictures of us while we eat, this is revenge
My 2 men after dinner, camping with them is fun
We never miss an occasion to go camping together, this was Tadoussac in 2009, Northern Québec, we saw whales and Chris ate his first blue cheese (so proud of him). My dad is the one who took me out into the world and showed me things, from camping to museums and everything food. I've considered translating the blog in French as well, my dad is a bit of a snob too and he'll probably make a comment about how it isn't already in both languages. I'll see about doing it! 

Yesterday we had a cook out, my camera ran out of batteries and heck if I can find the charger. I'll most likely find it this week because Thursday we're going to celebrate the 24 of June, Québec's national holiday. Chris and I had been exactly together for a week last time we were there, 8 years ago! I'm super excited, hopefully I'll get to see my friends and also take some pictures of our local food for you guys to feasts upon, my dad and his wife are amazing cooks, they always put out a wonderful spread for us. My mom's family will be having a good old fashion party to celebrate my grand-mother's 73 birthday, I'll snag pictures of that too hopefully.

Meanwhile here in the USA, I made pork burgers from the Food Network magazine, the so-called “Perfect Pork Burgers” which stood up to their name beautifully. Enjoy this delicious BBQ recipe, my friends couldn't get enough of them on Sunday at the cook-out.

Perfect Pork Burgers (makes 4 x ¼ lbs burgers)
source: Food Network Mag

1 lbs of ground pork
5 slices of uncooked bacon
1 garlic cloves
¼ tsp dry sage
salt n pepper
4 potato buns
butter for the buns

Pulse the bacon and garlic in a food processor until completely mushed.
Mix the bacon mixture as gently as possible with the meat, sage, salt and pepper, handling it too much makes for hard burgers.
Form 4 patties about 4 inch wide, press down the middle with your thumb to leave an indentation.
The grill should be already going by then, you want to cook these through or the texture will be awful. I warn you, they will be pink, fear not the pink pork, it's the bacon giving it that color. They will cook for about 5 minutes a side.
Butter the inside of the roll and sit on the grill for a few minutes, till they have color.
Top the burgers with coleslaw and devour in one sitting.

The recipe doubles perfectly, I made 8 the first time and they all disappeared. Photos of the garden will be soon up!

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