Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cranberries Cherry Berries

Phantom Farms, Cumberland, RI 
Sorry about the lack of posting, I've been fighting a bout of depression and between my lack of publishing on Tastespotting and my lack of followers, I've come to wonder if I even enjoyed doing this for the pure pleasure of doing it and someday being discovered. I've never claimed to be super interesting, buuuutt anyway!

Wareham, MA
Firstly I wanted to mention my anniversary, five years married to my man who's been through hell and back with me, 8 years together. Depression and ADHD are part of our lives but we've come a long way in dealing with this because on top of that, we're far too stubborn to give up on the most beautiful relationship we'll ever have and I love my husbter very much. To celebrate, he has graciously accepted to accompany me to the Cranberry festival of Wareham, MA. It was a beautiful day, sunny and cool. Perfect weather, and I took beautiful pictures and ate delicious foods. I like these outings because I get to meet amazing people who share the same love of food as me. Since we've abandoned the fast-food (malbouffe) and processed crap, and turned ourselves toward fresh vegetables and home cooking, we have been much healthier.

Massachusetts and Rhodes Island are amazing in matter of farms and local food makers. I only need to find a good cheese farm to be perfectly happy. Any suggestion? I'm very happy with my meat shops (Have I mentioned it often enough?) and my vegetable farms. I think I'll get a few pumpkin this week-end and make soup for winter. Om nom nom. Soon I'll carve a few for fun and giggle, sweet childhood memories.

Buzzard Bay Stuffed Quahog was present at the festival and made many happy people, including Hubster and I. I have a delicate tummy and fair food is my enemy. Om nom nom, we also ate a cannoli that was simply divine.
"WHY are you taking a pic now?"

After the Cranberry festival, Hubster and I ended the day with a wonderful dinner at Enn, sushi and Japanese cuisine. I don't think I've ever mentioned how much we love sushi. I had never really ate any until I met Chris, who introduced me to Californian rolls. And it finally took off when we met Brian who sat us in front of a plate of sashimi. Wooo! World changing event. It was delicious and I never looked back to Californian rolls. The chefs there are simply fantastic and friendly. We wouldn't dream of going anywhere else now.

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