Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feelin' lazy

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Long time no see? A month or so ago I made my last post and was again rejected by Taste Spotting because my pictures weren't "good enough?" Bah! I see worst everyday but you don't see me complain. So anyway, I was in vacation in Virginia, a beautiful state only 8 hours south of here. We camped in the Prince William National Park, a location I recommend to anyone who likes camping, we saw over twenty deers, 2 raccoons and a four feet long rat snake (that last one was pretty scary). We were kept awake by H.P Lovecraft birds, also called Whip-poor-will. "One New England legend says the Whip-poor-will can sense a soul departing, and can capture it as it flees. This is used as a plot device in H. P. Lovecraft's story The Dunwich Horror. This is likely related to an earlier Native American and general American folk belief that the singing of the birds is a death omen."

How could such a cutie be so weevill?

This is one hot summer, but remember last year? We barely had a day without rain and now we're about to get nakkid and dance to the sky spirits. With temperatures around the 100F during the day and 90F at night, campfires were out of the question. And yet, the Earth's weather system ISN'T screwed up they say. Ah well.

On to food, I decided to not post any of my cooking exploits because honestly, I haven't made anything that great lately. It's too hot and sticky to think. So here's all the yummy places we got to eat lately, because when it's above 90F in your house, the restaurant is your best friend.

Steamers, seafood, grill and bar
The place is beautiful inside, a colorful but kitsch beach and seashore decor with Margaritaville radio playing in the background. We skipped appetizers because the prices were a bit high but I still got away with a yummy fruity drink with a pirate name. I splurged on a Crab legs and shrimps platters $21,99 and Chris got the Fried combo platter $19,99. After realizing that I should never order something that requires powertool to eat in a public place (My table was a pile of wetnaps), I had a serious moment of foodgasm while eating those spicy shrimps. I watched hubby devour his corn hush puppies with suspicion but he too enjoyed everything in his plate.
Steamers, seafood, grill and bar
430 Chatham Heighs rd
Fredericksburg, VA

For Breakfast, we headed to a place very close to the campground, Harold and Cathy's Dumfries Cafe. They don't seem to have a website but they have a Facebook page. This little hole in a hole stands up to my very high breakfast expectations. I want my eggs over easy and my bacon crunchy, my toasts toasted and my orange juice cold. I mean, I've lost count how many times I've been disappointed in a breakfast place and Dumfries cafe was God Sent on that one rainy morning. The interior was like you'd expect it to be: Country-ish deco, cut out newspapers on the wall, local heroes, pictures of Dumfries in the 1920s etc. Friendly staff with a Order Here counter (I really liked that idea) and then the waitress brings it to you.
Harold and Cathy's Dumfries Cafe
17670 Fraley Blvd
Dumfries, VA 703) 441-1465

While in D.C, we could have easily gone for the tourists-traps but no! As experienced travelers, we couldn't pass the opportunity to eat some very-Chinese food in the nearby Chinatown. The first day we ate at Chinatown Express, a seriously American name for a very Chinese restaurant. Their biggest attraction being the noodle maker in the window always at work. We tried the fresh pork dumplings and I had a duck soup with fresh noodles, Chris had a plate of ginger beef. After the waitress was done apologizing for dropping boiling soup on my naked leg (oowwwiiiee) we VERY much enjoyed the food. The deco was lame as it gets with tables a bit everywhere but that's part of the charm of those restaurants. Walls covered with Chinese characters special menu (I call them the special menu because only people who can read them can order it, lol) and odd Chinese cartoon characters. Price was decently low.
Chinatown Express
746 6th St NW
Washington, DC 20001

On day two in D.C we B-lined toward the next door neighbor of Chinatown Express, The Szechuan House Restaurant and what the name doesn't say is that this tiny place is also a BAKERY!!!! Anyone who knows me know my love for Chinese pastries (Thank Thu) Love love love. Sesame balls and custard buns and curry pork buns etc etc. LOVE. We squatted between important looking men in suits with our plastic plates filled with the $5 special, me green beans and chicken, hubby beef stir fry and fried rice and egg roll. Simple, fresh and requited love. Not to forget the delicious bubble tea. I could kill just to have a small place like that near my job. The odd couple that ran the place recognized us from the prior day when we came by to scout the place. Don't let it's dive looking front turn you away.
Photobucket <- That's where the buns waits for me
The Szechuan House Restaurant
748 6th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 628-1668‎

For the last one, here in Providence, hides some precious gems no one would suspect existed. Thanks to Matt, Chris and I discovered Thee Fez this Monday and we both agreed, we can die happy. A simple sign hung above the door with a red fez on it announce the place. Once inside, it looks like a dive bar with some tables and booths. Suspicious, we sat down and gave the place a look over. Weird fez and else related art on the walls and tattooed waitress and bartender. (My dad would have ran out without a blink.) The menu is simple, with less than 10 items, we decided on the linguisa and queso blanco poutine (!?!?!) and I would get the mac an' cheese while Chris wanted pulled pork. Between the OMFG and the drool, we devoured everything with tears in our eyes, mid-meal I chocked on my sausage and thought too late about my camera at my feet, "Shoot, now we have to come back!" I said with a twinkle of fat in my eye. This place now sits itself among my top five restaurant of all times. My only quibble would be the Ice Queen waitress, I don't think she said more than 4 words to us but that's alright, I didn't care what she had to say anyway: GIMME THE FOOD!
Thee Fez
49 Peck St, Providence, RI

Oooh so full right now. I leave you to dream of yummy foods and delicious vacations.

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