Monday, June 7, 2010

Playing with my toy


I've been playing with my camera, meaning that I'll be posting blog entries more often. It gives me a reason to display my awesomeness. Speaking of which, I want to point out my Deviant Art account. I'm shameless in self-promoting, but enjoy nonetheless.

I spent all day plotting the demise of- ... I mean stitching a quilt for baby Jeanne. My teenagehood girlfriend, whom I didn't even know was preggo, just popped it out in May. Huzzah! So here I am playing seamstress with this purple n green quilt thingy. After making friend with mr.seamripper, and swearing a lot in french. Ta-daaa! Baby quilt. This will be the fourth one I create. Now that's something I wish I'd get paid to do. (Not posting a picture of that, It's a surprise.)

As a reward, here's tonight's dinner. Another "healthy" option, courtesy of my Boss.

Tracy's Sheppard pie o'Doom.

You'll need

* 9x9 Corning ware (Mine's oval, square is fine)
* 1 acorn squash, cooked, mashed
* 1 bag of frozen veggies (your choice)
* 1 Zucchini (or summer squash)
* 1 lb of ground turkey (my package was 1.22lb, used it all)
* half an onion
* salt n pepper
* a good dash of oil x 2
* A jar of turkey gravy (optional but recommended)

1 hour prior: Set the oven at 400F, cut the acorn squash in half and sprinkle with either butter or olive oil. Put about an inch of water at the bottom of your Corningware and bake the squash about 60mins, cut side up.

30 mins into it: Chop your onion and sauté in a dash of oil until they turn pale. Add your turkey and cook it through, about 8-9 mins at medium heat. Remove from the pan and drain. Turkey bleeds a lot of water.

Cut your zucchini in thin-ish slices and sauté in the now empty pan in a dash of oil. Cook them gently until tender. Meanwhile, microwave your frozen veggies just enough so they lose their water and can be drained; 2-3 mins is enough.

When the acorn squash comes out, scoop out the flesh and mush it with a potato masher, add salt n pepper. Then comes the layering part. (The TOUGH part)

I made a chart, no more making mistakes:

Turn the oven down to 350F and bake for 30 minutes. Cover with gravy if wanted.

Look at that zoom, I was literally IN the pie while taking this picture.

-Julie the hungry Girl.

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  1. Hey Miss,

    I'm happy to see that you are enyoing life =)
    Don't be a stranger ;)