Sunday, May 9, 2010

Angry and hungry

After I re-read my last post I was a bit afraid of posting again. I felt silly and somewhat ashamed of my epic tirade about how amazing I am. Beside that I gave myself a concussion last week, I decided to wait a bit before writing again. So here I am, back in business? I'm tired, my neck hurts, I'm angry with work sometimes, some other days it's great.

Passing on, food! Amazing delicious and succulent. I was at a brunch today, oh the greatness that a dozen people can create without even communicating. A mix of bacon and eggs and fruits, sprinkled with cake and some meat. I made a delicious quiche with bacon and zucchini (see recipe below)and a Strawberry clafouti. Very french, my in-law family takes me for a goddess of french cooking (I admit it, I'm a fraud). But hey, whatever works. My hubby's aunt made this spinach and feta and bacon salad with a bacon dressing.. it was so light and delicious.

After this orgy of grease I felt a bit queasy talking about how *GREAT* I was doing with my personal food revolution (lol) and as I was starring at my fridge later on that night I decided on some chicken breast marinated in light Italian dressing and oven roasted vegetables (As a advice, never cook the potatoes with the rest if you want edible potatoes, they take WAY longer to cook than zucchini). Speaking of squashes, I'll be making a beautiful ratatouille this week (what was I saying about french fraud? ;) This inspired me This thing is a piece of art and I'll be feeding it to my hubby.

I need to share this with you, I have this butter obsession. I love butter, I like it plain on a piece of bread (I won't talk about my bread obsession until later). I left a container on my desk after a cracker n butter orgy and it's staring back at me. Since I heard of deep fried butter nibblet I've been obsessing about tasting it. A bit like some people feel about the double down from KFC. Staying away from fairs sounds like a good plan. I've had a funnel cake once, did not care for it. Beaver tails are more my things. Om nom nom Photobucket

Have a good week everyone.

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